About Us

Claverack Builders was founded in 1978 by Jock P Winch Sr who had to make a choice between a career with Pratt and Whitney or returning home to start his own business. Choosing to make his own path, Claverack Builders was formed. Through the 80’s and 90’s he built dozens of homes and remodeled hundreds more. Plagued with injuries and health issues in the 2000’s Claverack Builders came within days of being dissolved in 2011. When Jock P Winch Jr had to make the same decision his father was faced with in 1978, Jock Jr took the leap of faith with his new family and re started Claverack Builders. The fourth generation carpenter had a clear business model built on trust. Develop trust in our clients, suppliers, colleagues, competition and everyone we associate with. With that model and hard work, the business has flourished to what it is today.

We want to help our clients fix their home, remodel their home or build the home of their dreams. To do that we provide quality work at fair prices. We also want to be here for our customers for as long as they live here. We have a responsibility to our employees as well, to provide a career for them. Also we consider the dozens of contractors and suppliers we work with employees too, we provide the work that keeps their businesses moving forward.

By building these relationships we can handle every project we take on with the confidence that our clients will get a quality product at a fair price.


Claverack Builders
41 Bender Blvd
Ghent NY 12075

(518) 755-0329